Birchwood Grove CP School


At Birchwood Grove has a strong track record with chess development. We believe chess is a great game that can teach children to to think strategically, solve problems, improve concentration and help them analyse situations. 

Birchwood Grove is proud to be part of the Sussex Junior Chess Organisation which is flourishing with an average of 40 schools as members. We currently have two teams competing in the Under 11's Primary Chess Cup.

Birchwood Grove offers a chess club on Fridays after school for all abilities to start learning this tactical game until 4:15pm at just £3.00 per session. If your child is interested in joining chess please contact the school office for more details. 

There are always chances to compete in many academy holiday chess events please click here to find details of the most recent event. 

Spring Term 2020 Summary 

Dates and venues are in the process of being arranged ready for  teams to participate in the cup. 

Click here to see further information about Sussex Junior Chess.

During Chess Club the Primary Chess Challenge will begin this term. 

Autumn Term 2019 Summary

Mr Stockham recently hosted an assembly and we hope that he has sparked some interest in some new players wishing to become part of the chess club and potentially become a member of either the A or B team. 

He is starting chess training form the basics over the next couple of weeks and this is the perfect time for newcomers to start. If you are interested please ask at the school office or speak to Miss Sullivan.  for more details.