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Day for change 2015-17

Day For Change


On Wednesday 23rd March Birchwood Grove took part in it's first 'Global Day' and it's second UNICEF Day for Change. It was a fantastic day. Each year group took one of the Sustainable Development Goals and completed various activities to further their understanding of global issues and what role they may play in building a sustainable future. We also spent a month collecting change and placed it on a world map during our Global Day, the money was then sent off to UNICEF. We were very proud to have raised £473.54. 

Overview of Global Day


On Friday 6th February Birchwood Grove took part in it's first UNICEF’S Day for Change. It was a really successful day to raise awareness of natural disasters and the impact they can have on children around the world. The day began with an assembly where we found out that floods were appearing all over England. We used Mantle of the Expert to imagine that we were responsible for planning, organising and carrying out a rescue mission to help all those caught up in the floods. In the afternoon we split into groups across the whole school. Through activities, which included raft making, shelter building, creating stop motion animations, working in an advice centre and creating waterproof ponchos from old plastic bags, we were able to complete the mission.

Here are some of our thoughts from the day:

“I thought the day helped me to understand about how some people live and it showed me how I can help” (Year 5)

“I enjoyed helping a little girl because her house was flooded. I made a little invention for her to help get the water out of her house” (Year R)

“Floods are dangerous because they can fill streets and kill people and cause damage” (Year 1)

 “I really enjoyed the celebration assembly at the end of the day because it was fun to see what the other children were doing. I also enjoyed working with the younger children” (Year 6)

“I liked how we got to work with children in different year groups and got to do fun activities with a bit of learning” (Year 6)

“I liked it because it taught us what other children have witnessed all around the world” (Year 6)

“I thought the celebrating assembly was excellent because you got to see what people had been doing to help people who were experiencing natural disasters” (Year 6)

“It was really fun learning about what it’s like in a flood” (Year 1)

If you would like to find out more information about the Day for Change please click here.


During the 2017-18 academic year we held two Global weeks- one in the Autumn Term and one in the Summer Term. 

In the Autumn Term, the whole school focused on poverty- with a particular focus on local poverty. The children discussed and explored their understanding of poverty and looked at poverty statistics across the world and in their local area. They discussed whether they thought this was fair, and the role they could play in making a better, fairer world. Each class also received a foodbank box from the local foodbank: and explored what was in it, and the meals they could make for a week using the items. As part of our Harvest festival the children brought in items to donate to the foodbank.

In the Summer Term, we held a very exciting equality week. This included two days where the charity Enable Me ( came in to work with us. The children were able to meet and talk to a range of different people with disabilities, including hidden disabilities and participate in different activities such as: wheelchair relays and boccia. Throughout the rest of the week we also explored other inequalities in the world such as between countries, genders and nationalities.  



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