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GENERAL Information

Organisation of the day

The capacity of Birchwood Grove is currently 397. We have two classes in each year group across the school with 30 in each class. For most of the day pupils work with their own class teacher in their classroom, assisted by trained teaching assistants. There are times throughout the day where children may work in different groups including phonics, spelling and languages.


The school is able to offer hot meals at lunch time through Chartwells. There is a menu outlined for the week with a range of choices and these can be ordered online at: Alternatively if your child would prefer they are welcome to bring in a packed lunch to eat in the hall at lunchtime. Please can we ask that no nuts are sent in to school as we have several children with nut allergies.

Click here to see menu for Autumn Term 2019

Your child might be eligible for free school meals. Click here to find out whether your child qualifies for free school meals and how to apply. 

Water is vital throughout your child’s day. All children are welcome to bring in a water bottle (school or their own) and do have access to it throughout the day. Please can you ensure that their bottles are named. We do also have water fountains located in the locker rooms throughout the school.

All children in Early Year and Key Stage One are entitled to a piece of fruit or raw vegetable at playtime. Children in Key Stage Two are welcome to bring in a fruit or vegetable snack in their lunchbox to have at playtime.


It essential that the children are in school as much as possible to take advantages of the range of educational opportunities available. If a child has to be absent from school due to illness we would appreciate a note from the parent or carer explaining the reason for absence on the first day of return. We also require a telephone call to the office at the beginning of school day. If your child is absent and we have not been informed we will endeavour to contact you. If it is necessary for a child to attend a doctor, dentist or hospital for treatment during the school day, an appointment card or letter from you should be sent. If at all possible please try and make appointments out of school hours.

Late arrival

We operate a rolling start, the gates open at 8.45am and the children make their way to their registration groups; our school day starts at 9.00am.  It is important that the children arrive at school on time to begin their lessons promptly. All arrivals (after 9am) must come via the office so they can be marked in the register (recorded as Late). Persistent lateness will be referred to the educational welfare officer.

Special Educational Needs

Should a child be experiencing any areas of difficulty with their learning or school life the staff will discuss this with the child’s parents as soon as possible. We then aim to provide any additional support that child may need as soon as possible to ensure that they continue to progress. Should the school or home need any further outside advice then we would contact the relevant people e.g. speech and language therapist, the school will always seek the parents permission before making any referral.

Birchwood Grove follows the SEN (Special Educational Needs) code of practice. Our SENCO is Mrs S Williamson who is school Monday- Wednesday. We also have a Family Support Worker: Mrs W Smith who works Wednesday- Fridays and support Mrs Williamson in he role. 

At Birchwood Grove we also recognise the importance of catering for More able pupils. We update a more able pupil register regularly and staff make provisions for them when planning.

 Should you require any further information please refer to our SEN, G and T, Single equality, SRE (sex and relationships education) and PSHCE policies.

Change of Address

Parents should promptly notify the school office of any change of address, place of work or emergency contact telephone numbers.

School Uniform

Birchwood Grove is a ‘uniform school’; we encourage all children to wear it and we ask for your co-operation. Children are also expected to wear uniform whenever they represent the school at outside functions. A full list of uniform items together with details of sources is available from the school office.

Shoes should be of sensible ‘school’ design and colour, with a low heel, bought with care of children’s feet in mind rather than for fashion. It is essential that all items of clothing, including shoes, are clearly marked with the child’s name. If any items are lost, children should ask to look in lost property bin.