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Early Years

Autumn Term 2020

This term we have welcomed our newest members of the Birchwood Grove family into Orchard Class. The children have been very busy getting to know each other, making friends and learning our rules and routines to make school a happy and safe place to be. There has been lots to learn and remember and we are so proud of all our Reception children.


We started the term by reading some lovely books called 'The Colour Monster' and 'The Colour Monster Goes to School' by Anna Llenas. The books have helped the children to talk about how they feel in terms of colours. In Orchard Class we have learnt that when we feel green we are happy, calm and good to go. When we feel blue we are sad, tired or unwell. When we feel yellow we have uncomfortable feelings like worry or annoyance and when we feel red, we are out of control. We are blown away with how well the children have responded to this and are learning ways to regulate their feelings to try and stay in the green zone as much as possible. 

School Values 

As soon as the children started school we taught them about one of our school values - respect. The children learnt that it is important to respect themselves, each other and our classroom and equipment. We are now moving on to teach them about another of our school values - resilience - through the wonderful book Stick Man, by Julia Donaldson. The children will learn that it is important to keep trying, even when we find things really difficult, and 'stick at it, like Stick Man!'. Throughout their first term at school our Reception children will learn about our other school values (creativity, collaboration and independence) through these quality, key texts. 



What does it mean to belong?

As well as using these texts to teach the Reception children about our school values, we will also be asking the question 'what does it mean to belong?'. We will explore the concept of belonging through our own experiences and of the characters in these books. Where do we belong? How does it feel to belong? 

We are very excited for a fun and busy first term in Reception, and look forward to sharing some of their wonderful work with you soon. 


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