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Year 3

Click here to see our yearly overview for 2018-19.

Growth Mindset Autumn 2019

To kick start our new year and our first term in Key Stage 2 we have been focusing on growth mindset. We have looked at Lita Judges’s book ‘Flight School’. This book follows the journey of a penguin, who attends Flight School in his quest to learn to fly. This book has shown us the importance of having a growth mindset, but also of using two of our school values, collaboration and resilience. 


During the first two weeks at school, we have been using everything we have learnt from Flight School to write a sequel called Flight School: Part Two.


Below we have a picture of the front covers from Wren's finished copies of their books.


Autumn 2019 Into the Woods

Following our time focusing on Flight School, Stig of the Dump by Clive King will be our key text. We will use this book to draw links across the Year 3 curriculum.

Into the woods curriculum overview


Battlefront Spring 2020 

Battlefront curriculum overview 


Battlefront is our Spring topic, this is a history heavy topic which should allow Year 3 to continue to understand the history of Britain.  During this term we will be focusing on two particular time periods of British history. The first half term we will be looking at Roman Britain.  We will be challenging Year 3 to look at the influence of the Romans not only from the view of ancient Britannia's but as Romans as well. 


In the second half of the term we will be shifting our focus onto the Anglo-Saxon period in Britain. A significant amount of our focus on this time period will be through the eye of a family who resided in Bosham with the family name of Godwin. Our key text ‘Anglo-Saxon Boy’ by Tony Bradman will provide us with the insight into their lives and life in Anglo-Saxon Britain, leading up to a famous battle which occurred in Sussex.


In discovery time, which consists of subjects such as Music, Art, Geography, Science and History, we will make links to these subjects and to the topic to develop our understanding, if a link cannot be made these subjects will be taught discretely. Throughout this term we will be focusing on aspects such as: our muscular and skeletal systems; history of music; and developing our understanding of Europe. 


This terms P.E focuses are: Spring 1:  dance (linked to our Roman topic) which will be taught indoor and hockey which will be taught outdoors. Spring 2: handball which will be taught indoor and tennis (lead by JA Sports) outdoors.


Please continue to support your Children with their homework. Your child's reading record, which should include three reading entries, and their reading record sticker is due on Monday. Whilst their TTRS and Spelling Shed, which includes using the spelling words in sentences, is due to be completed on Wednesdays. If your child requires any support with their homework we run a Homework Club on Thursdays.