Birchwood Grove CP School

Year 3

Autumn 2020 


Hello everyone, and welcome to Year 3 at Birchwood Grove! 

We will use this page to share planning, homework and anything else that may be useful. 

During Autumn 2021 our curriculum will be based on the concept of 'Change, Cause and Consequence.'

Before we started to look at this concept, we spent two week building our knowledge of how to develop a positive Growth Mindset, using the quality text ‘The Promise’ to inspire us. We loved using this as an opportunity to get to know the children and for them to share where their special place is. Alongside this, we have been busy settling into our new key stage by setting up our class charters and familiarising ourselves with school life in KS2. 


Key Question 

Does change always make things better? 


Following our Growth Mindset focus we will be jumping back in time to the Stone Age, to explore what life was like. We will be using the fantastic book ‘Stone Age Boy’ to help us understand what life was like in Britain during this time. Our next stop in history is the Bronze and Iron Age. Again, we will be looking at what life was like during this time and how life may have changed from the Stone Age. 


Our next historical focus, which will be for the majority of the Autumn Term, will be the Romans. We will be travelling right back to the start of Rome itself, before exploring the growth of Rome - this includes their invasions of Britain and how they have influenced the world we live in today.To help us build an understanding of Rome we will be using ‘Roman Diary: The Journal of a Young Slave’ by Richard Platt and will be using this to inspire our writing.




To help with the transition into KS2, we will be increasing the expectations gradually throughout the first half term, Please see below for the expectations:


Reading records   


We would like the children to read daily into their reading records books. These will be handed in on Monday and returned to the children on Tuesday. These entries can be where they read on their own, with a sibling, with a family member or it can be a discussion about a book. We are more than happy for the children to write their own entries or members of their family can help with this part. 


Timestable Rockstar 


We would like the children to earn 250 coins each week on garage mode. We will set the children their own individual tables to focus on. If there are any questions regarding the times tables that are set please let us know. 



Spelling Shed 


We would like the children to play 3 games of spelling shed every week. The spellings will be set on a Friday and we would like the children to complete the 3 games before the following Wednesday


Help at Home


Remember, you should be reading at least five times a week.

Times Tables

This link will take you to all the times tables songs which we will be practising at school. 

Please play Times Tables Rock Stars How far can you go?

Maths Fluency Sheets




Hit the button 

This game helps number fluency and speed of recall. 

Spelling Shed

Play Spelling Shed as part of your homework! Don't forget to also practise the common exception words.

Oak Academy lessons for Key Stage 2