Birchwood Grove CP School

Year Four

Autumn Term 2021

Welcome to Year 4 at Birchwood Grove!

We will put any information on this page, including: planning, homework and anything else that may be useful. We will also use Parent Mail or Seesaw to update you.  


Click here for our yearly overview of our planning.


Our curriculum is based around concepts, with every subject being linked where possible. Our concepts this term are: change, cause and consequence.



This term's key question

Does conflict cause and create lasting change?


In the first two weeks of this term, we looked at the text 'The Promise' to help us think about building a growth mind set, the consequence of humans on nature and how we can help the environment. We are also busy getting to know all the new children and staff in our class, as well as setting up our class charters and rules, and celebrating Roald Dahl day! We've also started discussing the importance of online safety and discussed exactly what to do if we feel unsafe or unsure online. 


Further into the term, we will begin to study 'How to train your dragon' by Cressida Cowell. Using the text as our first involvement in the world of the Vikings, we'll dive into the exciting lives of Hiccup and Fishlegs through as much English and Drama as we can squeeze in! This will also link to our History, where we'll be studying the invasions and conquests of the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. In Geography, our mapwork skills will culminate in locating Viking settlements in Britain. In all our learning we'll be trying to find links between the past and present, and to bring the Viking world to life as much as possible. In DT, we'll explore weaving in order to create a sail for a Viking longboat that the children will individually craft. 

In science, we will looking at change, cause and consequence in:

  • Rocks
  • Living things and their environment
  • States of matter

 Hopefully we'll be able to organise a trip too, our location is prime for some exploration of Anglo Saxon England!



We will be setting homework each week:

Homework will be set on a Friday and will be due in on Wednesday. Homework club will be on Fridays after school- contact the school office if your child would like to join. Please let us know if you are having trouble with any logins. 


Help at home


Times tables

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Maths Calculation Policy

Encourage your child to practice on TTRockstars, they all have been given a login, if you would like a copy of your child's login please see your child's class teacher. 

 Maths Fluency Sheets




Grammar, Spelling and punctuation

Year 3 and 4 Spelling words

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Click here for spelling and grammar games.

Please encourage your child to go onto spelling shed to practice spellings, they have been given a login, if you would like a copy of your child's login please see your child's teacher. 


Oak Academy lessons for Key Stage 2