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Year Six

Autumn 2019

Muddle of Mistakes

Year 6's focus for the first week and a half is on growth mindset and we will be using the key text 'Muddle of Mistakes'. The text is focused around a character called Fortitude and his disregard of his mistakes- we will be using this as a basis to write our own discussion text presenting whether it is a good or bad thing to make mistakes. We will have a class debate and present both sides. Alongside our writing, we will be looking at phrases we can use to have a growth mindset rather than a fixed one and looking at famous people in history that have shown a growth mindset using a text called 'The People Awards'. In our classes, we will also be setting up our class charters, discussing how to be a good talk partner and electing our kite councilors. In Maths, our focus will be on place value- reading, writing and representing numbers to ten million, rounding and negative numbers. 

We hope the children will be inspired to start the year with a reflective and resilient outlook and demonstrate their growth mindsets!

Muddle of Mistakes Planning Overview 

Into the Woods

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