Birchwood Grove CP School


Year Six

Autumn 2020

Welcome back to Year 6 at Birchwood Grove!

We will put any information on this page, including: planning, homework and anything else that may be useful. We will also use Parent Mail or Seesaw to update you.  


For the first two weeks of this year, we will be focusing on emotions and settling ourselves back into school after the last six months and the unprecedented circumstances we have all experienced. We will using 'The Emotionary' as a stimulus for our learning. We are going to begin by defining emotions, representing emotions in different ways, thinking about causes and how best to deal with emotions personally. We are going to make our own 'Class Emotionary' and use it for discussions in our class, including linking to our key text for the term. 

We will also be using our key text 'The Goldfish Boy' this term- which is a book all about a boy that hates germs and going outside, but his spying on his neighbours comes in handy when a toddler on his street goes missing! This book will be used to inspire our writing, as well as using our inference and deduction skills to analyse the text. The question 'What does it mean to belong?' will link to this text and the children will begin their own investigation to answer this question in connection to Geography, Art, Science and RSHE. 

As part of the children's return to school, we will be focusing on some mindfulness and growth mindset activities. We will be using the 'Fantastic Elastic Brain' book to inspire us to stretch our brain and complete a range of activities to build the muscle! Every Friday, we are going to have some mindfulness time (using our conservation area) to make things out of nature and learn mindfulness techniques. 

 Top continue our Geography focus around 'What does it mean to belong?', we have started to plan our own sustainable city- thinking about tourism, transport, trade, waste and food. We are going to use 'keynote' to present our final proposals and ensure we have met the brief in a Dragon's Den style presentation. 


In the lead up to Christmas, we are going to plan some informal letters that are TOP SECRET, but we are taking on the role of Santa's elves and helping him with a special task. We are then going to use the text 'Coming Home' by Michael Morpurgo to inspire us to write group poems about the robin's journey and perform them to spread some Christmas joy!