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Year Two

Spring 2020 - Battlefront (Dungeons and Dragons)

 Battle front curriculum overview

  Has anyone seen these before? They appeared in our classroom and we don't know where they are from? Who left them there? Why is one cracked? What was inside it? Where have the keys come from? So many questions to find the answers to.

This term we are using the text 'Dragon Post' by Emma Yarlett to hook the children into the topic.

Sadly the dragon can't stay with Alex, so we are going to use our geographical and historical knowledge to help him find somewhere to live. We might even have a trip to a castle to check it is suitable!

The children will be immersing themselves in the book and using it to draw on prior knowledge of knights and castles and begin looking at timelines of specific castles in our locality. They will also  find out about the needs of animals (including dragons!) to survive, so they can advise the character in the story on how to look after his dragon and other pets.

Watch this space to see what answers to the questions we find!

Please encourage your child to continue to learn spellings on Spelling Shed and to use the number fluency sheets as often as possible.

Autumn 2019 - INTO THE WOODS

Into the wood curriculum overview

 On arriving at school at the beginning of term, we stumbled across some strange items; clumpy boots, breadcrumbs, a green rain coat, a strong stick and an invitation to Rapunzel's party. . They certainly didn't belong to us! We asked a lot of questions and used our detective skills to try and find the owner of the items. We wrote 'wanted' posters and put them up around school and eventually we got a clue as to who the owner might be! This book was delivered with a note from 'Little Green Rain Cape'


Over the half term we will be learning about character and setting in stories, comparing locations, natural art, materials in science and soundscapes in music. We are very excited to see if 'Little Green Rain Cape' will arrived to collect her belongings!

At home, you can log onto Spelling Shed to practice weekly spelling lists.

Here is a list of the first 100 High Frequency words that your child should know and be using in their work

The Year 2 spellings can be found here. Please have a go at practicing them with your child

If your child would like to practice their maths, there is a web page with some free games to play here